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Ozone Therapy

Dr. Victor Zeines and Dr. Howard Robbin discuss Ozone Therapy.

Magnetic Therapy (2 Lectures)

Commonly known as chi or prana, magnetic force is the most basic force we know of. Your brain has over 7 billion micromagnets so you could consider us magnetic beings. You’ll learn about slowing down cancers ,relaxing muscles think (TMJ) promoting bone growth, increasing healing and so much more.

The Immune System (2 Lectures)

How does the whole thing work? Learn about the cells of the system and ways of enhancing your immune response to disease including viruses.


Learn about Kinesiology techniques

How To Live with TMJ

This will show you ways of balancing your body, exercises to relax the muscles that cause TMJ, diet and magnetic therapy.

Nutrition (4 videos)

Starting from primitive to Weston’s Prices work on diet, to food combining, what goes wrong and how to make it right.

Tongue Assessment

One of the easiest ways to assess your health. What different tongue colors mean and how to correct body  imbalances.

Root Canal Toxicity

Understanding how and why toxicity can affect you.

Mercury Toxicity

Understanding how toxicity can affect you how to remove mercury.

Fluoride Toxicity

Understanding how toxicity can affect you.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Better know as the silent killer, this can cause heart attacks, stroke and over 40 other diseases.


Understand herbs, which herbs can affect which systems, reduce decay rebuild  bone enhance your immune system.

Color Therapy

Using color to stay healthy learn about auras chakras how to deal with over and under developed chakras and many more useful information.  (People remember things better if they are written on a yellow ad.)


Tips to staying healthy that you can find in the kitchen!


Think about this when we restore a tooth we never heal it so the acupuncture meridians are always sending energy to that area.  We’ll tell you what this means and how to correct it among a host of other information designed to help you heal yourself.

Lets Talk Teeth

This is a two hour zoom question and answer session to have some fun. You can ask about teeth, how to raise turtles and whatever.

So You Survived Cancer

Learn about ways to optimize your ongoing healing process.