“I can’t recommend Victor enough. He has  helped me so much with my healing journey. He is so knowledgeable & truly cares about helping people. Navigating health issues, especially when you’re not feeling well can be so difficult. To have someone who is open to listening & that genuinely just wants to help is such a breath of fresh air. He is an expert in his field & we need more drs like him in the world!”

“On speaking with Dr. Zeines, it feels to me as if he has a desire to leave the world with a community where his years of gathering knowledge can translate to a gift of healing for humanity, a gift that anybody can afford to gain access to.  I would strongly recommend his video series for anyone who wants to have a good series that addresses whole being health rather than singular problems to slap a bandaid on.”
If you are looking for an excellent holistic dentist I found a top notch guy named Dr. Zeines ; he’s written two books: one on the health of tongues and the other one on the health of our teeth and our dental life. He is so unique as he’s incredibly talented and so knowledgeable it’s a gift to any patient!  if you’re looking for a really smart and attentive and thorough Dentist who happen to have written two books one on the health of our tongues and the other one on dental health. He gave me a very thorough and patient exam, explaining my situation in great detail. I knew I was in very good and responsible hands. The environment is warm and friendly yet still completely professional. Dr. Zeines has an excellent assistant named Marva who accompanies him very proficiently. Dr. Zeines has all the smarts and none of the ego.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went to his office by referral. I actually ended up enjoying the visit. Dr. Zeines was humorous but profession, which put me at ease. The job was done faster than expected and with surprisingly no pain. I felt like I was being treated more like a fellow human than a patient and I will definitely be back.

Description of work:

I needed a cleaning and veneer put on. Victor was great and made a boring visit fun.”